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This composition draws on the Arab scale hijaz, the same scale used in many Sephardic songs, although as the piece moves towards its climax it becomes increasingly dissonant and chromatic. Rhythmically it is based on an additive rhythm, 2+2+3+3. The piece falls into three sections. The first and third sections incorporate a long-breathed and melismatic melody that draws heavily on Sephardic scales. The highly dissonant and angular middle section has a more contemporary flavor, expressing the emotional nature of the text, which is by the composer.

The sun’s flaming torch scars my face

and hands;

the glass-hot sand sears my feet


one thought sustains –

you are there ahead,



Each day I bear the heat

brings me closer to you


Each note pulled from the

black spirals of my mind

is a stepping stone

Each imagined sound

a footstep


Each step may be the last –

and this is hope


But you do not know I come,

or that I come for you


and I will not tell

unless you ask

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